Evan Carmichael On Why You Need To Believe

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To kick off this powerful new season of the show, Nick talks to Evan Carmichael, a speaker, author, self-professed introvert, and fierce proponent of the principle that we can all be who we want to be if we put our minds to it. Evan has been described by Gary Vaynerchuk as the “DJ Of Inspiration”, while Ed Millett has called him “The Modern Day Napoleon Hill”, and Forbes have named him as one of the word’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talents.

In this extraordinary conversation Nick digs deep into Evan’s mission – to solve what he describes as the world’s biggest problem: that people do not believe in themselves enough. It’s an inspiring discussion centring on focus, discipline, and most importantly, belief.


  • Finding your purpose in life comes from the pain points that you’d like to solve in your own life. There are people out there suffering from the problems you can solve, and they need your guidance. 
  • When we meet challenge and find ourselves defeated, then we have to find another way around in order to defeat it. It’s far better to think differently and find another solution, rather than live with the regret of having never conquered.
  • Consistency is the key to growth, but many fall victim to overwhelm and burnout. The key is to find a topic that lights your fire, one that appeals directly to your passion. And always try to connect directly to the audience you have instead of the one you don’t have yet.
  • If all you do is chase an opportunity that you don’t love, you’ll end up losing in the end because eventually you’ll find yourself up against people who do love it. You find your next truly successful venture in the intersection between what you love and where opportunity lies.


‘Your purpose comes from your pain’

‘There are millions of people who are currently who you used to be, and they need your help’

‘I want to serve, so even though I’m introverted and shy, I still have a message’

‘The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who love the process of what they’re doing’

‘I focus on who I have instead of who I don’t’


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Nick Bradley is a world-renowned author, speaker, and business growth expert, who works with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors to build, scale and sell high-value companies. 

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