The Psychology Of Great Leadership With Jeremy Snape

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Nick welcomes Jeremy Snape, a former cricket player for England and now a sports psychologist and leadership consultant. They delve into the parallels between sports and business leadership, focusing on mindset and the importance of a winning mindset.

Jeremy shares personal stories from his cricket career, including moments of despair and triumph, and discusses the power of staying present and in control of one’s thinking. He also highlights the need for preparation, scenario planning, and the ability to block out pressure.


  • We need to focus on the present moment, control our thinking and breathing, and stay true to one’s strengths.
  • There is a need to manage pressure and negative self-talk – strategies such as breathing techniques, pre-shot routines, and positive self-talk help us to stay focused and perform at one’s best.
  • Leaders can learn from top performers in various fields, including sports, to gain insights and inspiration. By studying the habits and strategies of elite athletes, leaders can apply similar principles to their own performance and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Sustained success comes from being purpose-driven and having a bigger why behind one’s actions. This purpose can help leaders stay motivated and overcome challenges.


“I just thought, what have you done? You’ve ruined the game. You’re never going to play for England again.”

“The only thing that I can control is my thinking, my breathing, my balance in this moment.”

“It’s almost letting go of it in a way.”

“There’s definitely some kind of ability to vision what they want in technicolor.”


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