Nick Koumalatsos On Transitioning Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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Nick interviews guest Nick Koumalatsos, a former military serviceman with a colourful life and a decorated career. The conversation delves into Koumalatsos’ journey from a lucrative but stagnant lifestyle to his decision to join the military. Despite facing numerous obstacles and rejections, Koumalatsos persevered and eventually found himself excelling in the military, leveraging his knowledge of the system to his advantage.

The episode explores the power of mindset, turning adversity into opportunity, and the importance of belief and support in achieving success. Koumalatsos shares his experiences of being in the military, including his time in special operations and combat, and ultimately reveals his decision to leave the military due to burnout and a desire for a different path. This episode offers valuable insights into transitions, personal growth, and the power of intentional choices.


  • Embrace change and be comfortable with transitions: Nick Koumalatsos grew up constantly moving and changing schools, which made him adaptable and comfortable with change. This mindset served him well in his military career and in navigating major life transitions.
  • Turn setbacks into opportunities: When faced with obstacles and rejections, Nick Koumalatsos didn’t give up. He turned his excuses into reasons and found ways to overcome the challenges. He used his setbacks as motivation to work harder and achieve his goals.
  • Leverage knowledge and information: Nick Koumalatsos understood the importance of understanding the system and leveraging that knowledge to his advantage. He learned everything he could about the military, the training process, and the people involved. This allowed him to excel and achieve success in his military career.
  • Believe in yourself and surround yourself with supportive people: Despite his troubled past, Nick Koumalatsos had family members who believed in him and saw his potential. Their support and belief in him helped him to believe in himself and strive for more. Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people can have a significant impact on your success.
  • Own your situation and take intentional action: Instead of being a victim of his circumstances, Nick Koumalatsos chose to own his situation and take intentional action. He didn’t let his past define him, but rather used it as fuel to drive him towards success. He made deliberate choices and worked hard to achieve his goals.


“I turned my excuses into reasons.”

“I just had an advantage and I was going to use it to my advantage.”

“I took selection at the time, which was the top of the Marine Corps.”

“I saw myself turning into, like, what you were talking about beforehand, like your old job.”

“I truly, I mean, evil people, and I say, and people have different subjects and they just don’t, they don’t understand the level of evilness that I’m talking about.”


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