How To Scale Your Business & Enjoy Your Life At The Same Time With Purdeep Sangha

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    Nick is joined by Purdeep Sangha, an expert in business growth, scaling, and leadership, with a specific focus on family businesses. Purdeep shares his personal journey, growing up in an immigrant family and working in the agricultural business. He discusses his transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, driven by a desire to align his values and make a bigger impact.

    The conversation delves into the importance of mindfulness and meditation in effective leadership, highlighting the benefits of emotional mastery and improved decision-making. Purdeep also offers practical advice for those looking to incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily lives.


    • Family businesses have the potential to scale and transition into successful enterprises if they are structured and operated as such.
    • Mindfulness and meditation practices can have a significant impact on effective leadership, improving emotional mastery, decision-making capabilities, problem-solving skills, and creativity.
    • Creating empty space and being in an alpha theta brainwave state can enhance creativity and problem-solving abilities.
    • Mindfulness and meditation should be seen as a lifestyle rather than a short practice, and consistency is key to experiencing the benefits.
    • Emotions play a crucial role in leadership, as they radiate energy and can be controlled more effectively than thoughts. Developing emotional mastery can positively impact leadership effectiveness and overall results.


    “I was just kind of tired. I was at a point in my life where I needed to change. So I told my wife that I was going to quit.”

    “I was constantly about making change and having an impact. A lot of the other people were comfortable. They weren’t really taking a look at future opportunities.”

    “Meditation and mindfulness is a lifestyle. It’s not a practice that’s there for five or 10 minutes. It’s a way of being rather than just a specific five-minute exercise.”

    “When you reduce your stress, you improve your health. There’s a direct correlation there.”

    “You have more control over your emotions than you think, because a lot of it has to do with your physiology. You can use your body to actually influence your emotions.”


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