Why Saying No Can Accelerate Success

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You don’t always have to say yes to everything in order to get ahead in the world. Sometimes, this “entrepreneurial curse” can lead to great things, but as Nick explains in this episode, there’s also a great power to be found in saying no from time to time.


  • As entrepreneurs, we often feel as though if we say no to something, that we will somehow be missing out. This fear of missing out can often land us with headaches we can do without.
  • Write down 25 goals on a piece of paper (business-related), then circle the top five. Look at what is remaining and decide for yourself whether these secondary goals are worth pursuing.
  • The real threats to our time management are not the distractions we think are taking our attention. The real threats are the hidden activities, that make us think we’re working hard, but which do not ultimately move the needle.


‘There is power in saying no in your business’

‘If you can get disciplined and focussed on your top 20% of priorities, then they will typically account for 80% of your business’

‘You have to eliminate those distractions’

‘it’s easy to say yes, it’s hard to say no’


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Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.
His background is growing and scaling Venture Capital and Private Equity backed businesses globally. Over the last decade, he has completed 117 acquisitions and 25 business exits with a combined valuation of over $5bn dollars.
His mission is to help business founders build valuable businesses and create life-changing exits so they can realise freedom, wealth, and impact.


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About Nick

Nick Bradley is a world-renowned author, speaker, and business growth expert, who works with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors to build, scale and sell high-value companies. 

Over the last decade, he has built, bought and sold 26 businesses with a combined valuation of $5.2 billion dollars. He also works with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms across the UK and the US leading turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and scale-ups.

His “Scale Up With Nick Bradley” podcast, which ranked #1 in the UK on iTunes’ business charts, has more than 600k downloads in over 130 countries and has featured thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Evan Carmichael, Neil Patel, Jay Abraham, Patrick Bet-David (and more…). 

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